The four pilot actions of CARE Project

Lombardy Regional Administration and Non-profit institution AIAS Milano

Lombardia ProjectThe Lombardy Regional Administration and the non-profit institution AIAS Milano (Italian Association for Assistance to Spastic people)  cooperate in the making of the pilot project called: “Accessibility of Lombardy Public Transports to people with disabilities” .

This survey deals with the problem of mobility of people with disabilities as a means to promote a culture and practice of accessibility in the whole “city system”.

The “Welcoming City” model cannot leave aside the problem of transports accessibility, not only within the city but also between the city and the surrounding territory.

To reach this goal we decided to implement a series of actions that represent an analysis and operation model that could be exported in other contexts and territories.

The idea is to implement a monitoring of accessibility on the whole territory of Lombardy, conceived as an integrated “system” of public transportation. The analysis has been carried out with a methodical approach: means of transportation and relevant infrastructures of all kinds (road, railway, air and naval) on the whole regional territory have been analysed.

The core of the survey is the collection of data on all the public transportation networks that work in the region, paying special attention to their accessibility to disabled people.

Collected data will be input in a dedicated web site and sent to the call centre of the Disabled People Office of Lombardy Regional Administration. It will be therefore possible to offer information on the possibility to move and use transports in Lombardy to all disabled people requiring it, drawing an overall picture of the state of things and highlighting both the points requiring improvement and the satisfactory ones.


Province of Parma

Province of ParmaThe province of Parma, thanks to its collaboration with the Tourism Department of the Councillorship for the Coordination of Social and Sanitary Policies, with the region Emilia-Romagna and “Si Può” association, has started its project for an accessible tourism named “Parma provincia per tutti” (Parma, a province for everybody), aimed at providing useful data about people with particular food, allergic, physical or age needs, or who have problems with mobility (temporary and permanent).
The gathered data (450 structures detected along the most famous tourist itineraries around Parma) are visible online and on a technical guide in 3 volumes ("Accessible tourism. The Apennines around Parma" and "Hills and Spas around Parma" are already available, while "The river Po and the plain around Parma" is planned).
This is just the beginning of an itinerary within the province of Parma: namely the project, which is a pilot model on a regional basis and a highly innovative experience at national level, is aimed at establishing a local network of integrated services, such as information and online assistance, and also at educating tour operators to welcoming and travel planning.

Venice Card

Venice CardVenice is a unique city in the world, built on water and connected by hundreds of bridges. It can therefore appear as an inaccessible city and not proper to welcome old people or people with special needs. Fortunately this is not completely true.
A visit to Venice can in fact become feasible to everyone using with care public means of transportation, buses or water-buses, and thanks to available information about itineraries without architectural barriers.
VENICE CARDS Spa issues the tourist ticket VENICE CARD: it is all-inclusive, and gives access to the main tourist services offered by Venice: public transportation (Actv), public toilets (Vesta) and entrance to the Civic Museums of the city. It also grants discounts in many cultural structures and shops of the city.

Municipality of Rimini

Parco Cervi - RiminiPublic parks and gardens of any size and everywhere must provide as many services as possible and represent a particularly pleasant and safe place for everybody, in order for them to be appreciated.
The project named “Vengoanch’io” is a sort of implementation of an idea carried out by the municipality of Rimini and Grandi Giardini Italiani (Big Italian Gardens). The implementation includes a guide-project with the scheme of a public garden which is accessible for everybody, with special care for the blind.
Also the idea of converting an existing public garden with such features that allow even a partial implementation of the project has been taken into account. Thanks to the interest and to the availability of the region Emilia Romagna, of the municipality of Rimini and of the European project C.A.R.E., it will be possible to turn this proposal into reality. The public park “F.lli Cervi” has been chosen as suitable for the implementation of the necessary facilities foreseen in the project.
The intervention foresees the adjusting of the current pedestrian path in the 410 metres between the Arco di Augusto and Via Roma, in order to meet the needs of blind people.